How Waryer's platform helps you track your giving


Goal: to build 12,000 roofs for a disaster-stricken area in partnership with a local NGO

Satellite imaging and third-party insurers confirm locations of houses needing roofs.

All bids and invoice are uploaded onto the timeline.

A third-party insurer double checks the information.

The local NGO invites bids from local roof manufacturers and chooses one. 

The winning manufacturer creates an invoice.

A third-party insurer verifies all the information.

You send money through a cryptocurrency wallet to pay for the roofs and other supplies, like drills and screws.

The cryptocurrency is converted to fiat currency for the NGO to withdraw. 

All transactions, bills, and purchases are recorded on the timeline.

A third-party insurer double checks the information.

A small tracker is placed on each completed roof, allowing it to be tracked on the timeline.

You can track the progress of the roof manufacturing on the timeline, with images and videos uploaded by the NGO. 

All are verified by a third-party insurer.

Roof deliveries to the locations identified by satellite and their coordinates are tracked on the timeline. 

Each completed delivery is verified with images uploaded on the timeline.

Satellite imaging and the trackers show that the roof installations have been completed. 

A third-party insurer confirms the information.

The NGO installs the roofs and uploads images and videos onto the timeline. 


Tax receipt is uploaded onto the timeline, and a visual report is generated to show the entire project from start to finish. 

Analytics report is also created to assess the outcome of the project and to pinpoint any room for improvement.